How to be the cool girl

The cool girl is not the one that snorts when she laughs, trips over literal air, worries her partner doesn't like her anymore and doesn't know the capital's of each country. Despite the female population's elaborate education in Legally Blonde and Bridget Jones - these are not the cool girls these are the ditzy fun-loving blondes.... Continue Reading →

Five things that happen during SATS week

SATS week, where small plimsoll-wearing people who still struggle opening their own yogurts - no hate - are assessed by several academic papers to determine their intelligence. Some children find themselves in an abundance of self-doubt and worry where others simply enjoy the chance to challenge teachers on how often they can go to the... Continue Reading →

Seven facts about ladies that you didn’t know

Wasn't it ladies day? Yeah it was. But it wasn't judge women and be a dick day either, your calendar is all wrong, Daily Mail. Their article about the event takes a focus on people who are having a bit of fun or showing a bit of boob - even though I am sure there... Continue Reading →

LEGSIT: triggering article 1950 & how it works

As told by The Daily Mail "forget Brexit, who won Legs-it!". Although we are all aware having a female Prime Minister means focusing on her body and not her brain, the terms of Legsit need to be clearly defined and I have taken it upon myself to do just that. STEP ONE: sexualise everything It's hugely... Continue Reading →

Undercover mothers: the most underrated species

Everyone wants a mum that'll look at you like an award winning actress, when you got picked to be the sheep with no lines in The Nativity. And even after that everyone needs a little motherly love. But motherhood isn't just basic human biology, it's the person who gives you that feeling. Even if you... Continue Reading →

Seven reasons women deserve a national day

Who run the world??!?! (not actually girls yet but we are trying). The people that have a problem with international women's day are the same people that would happily tag their mental mate in a 'kiss a ginger day' meme and furiously question why 'kid's day' doesn't exist but mother and father's Day do. So... Continue Reading →

I’d rather be a snowflake millennial than an ice queen

A millennial is anyone born roughly around 1982 and the early 2000s. And not to mention someone who is narcissistic, sensitive, entitled and lazy - apparently. But despite criticism of millennials, we've got a pretty good thing going. Here's how: MILLENNIALS GREW UP IN AN ENVIRONMENT WHERE EVERY CHILD WINS A PRIZE This comes from that famous... Continue Reading →

What single people should do on Valentine’s Day

So it's February 14th and the sight of instagram makes the taste of lemons feel less bitter. Valentine's Day isn't supposed to be for single people, so they say. But they also tell you not to take in your own food into the cinema and I have quite literally poured milk into my cereal at... Continue Reading →

The skinny-thick girl body and how to get it

Girls everywhere are endlessly scrolling through Instagram, liking their mates' night-out pictures, wondering if that girl is 'just his sister' and asking themselves how the bloody hell do some of these bodies exist and how can they get one? If you hadn't noticed the skinny-thick girl is what it's all about. The skinny-thick girl is... Continue Reading →

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